Achieving Absolute Pain Relief! Your Questions Answered.

As your partner in your personal goal of an active pain-free lifestyle, Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians will see you through.

Are you suffering from back pain? Neck pain? Headaches? Have you recently been in an auto accident and are now feeling aches in your body? Or are you an athlete experiencing joint pain or stiffness? The good news is all of these are treatable, and with a tailored treatment plan you can definitely find absolute pain relief!


At Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians our doctors have the knowledge and equipment to help counteract the injuries and pains associated with automobile accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, sports activities, and sedentary lifestyles. They will help assist your body to help heal itself.

We have a diversity of treatment options that are tailored to your injuries and individual needs. As a portal to your healthcare, we offer pain management, chiropractic, and physical therapy—a powerhouse of services that provides absolute pain relief.

Pain management. Our pain management physicians prescribe medication, administer joint injections and interventional spinal procedures, and recommend specific therapies. If needed, they will recommend a surgical opinion from a trusted orthopedic surgeon.

Chiropractic care. Our chiropractors make gentle adjustments to the various joints and your spine, which houses your central nervous system. When the spinal components begin to “lock up” due to lack of maintenance, slips-and-falls, and vehicular accidents, they inhibit the communication system from the brain to the body, and vice versa. Regaining your health starts with your body structure.

We also incorporate many different therapeutic modalities to help release the rigidity of the soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and disks that surround your bodies bony structures. Therapies include electrical stimulation, roller beds, ultra sound, moist heat and cold pads, exercises, and percussion tools.

Team effort. At Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians, we believe in team effort. We provide the skills and the tools for your initial recovery, and give you tips and exercises that will help you towards a sustained recovery. But you are part of the team, and will need to do your responsibility in your own caring. And because we are partners in your personal goal of an active pain-free lifestyle, we will see you through your goal.

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