Brain and Body Talk: Stop Stress or Injury Cycles

Chiropractic helps stop stress response

by Long Van, D.C.

The body and brain function as a unit. Any form of stress or injury anywhere in the body will trigger the brain to attack that injury. If your brain focuses on that injury area too much, it neglects other functions of the body, creating an imbalance. It is, thus, important to take care of that injury as soon as possible—to stop stress acycle—so that the body and brain continue to function at optimal levels.

dr-long-van-stop-stressIn his article “Chiropractic Boosts Brain Function In Brain Health, Chiropractic,” Dr. David Jockers explains how stress, which can come from emotional, physical, chemical, or mental sources, affect the body. Stress causes dis-ease, and when left untreated or in a prolonged state, can engender disease.

According to Dr. Jockers, “Chiropractic adjustments stop the stress response…and allows the body to reset itself and begin healing the damage that was done in the body due to chronic stress cycles.”

Check out the enlightening article here: Chiropractic Boosts Brain Function In Brain Health, Chiropractic

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Dr. Long Van

Author: Dr. Long Van

Long Van, D.C. joined the team at Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians in 2008. He has experience in helping the human body function properly through the natural approach, and enjoys reading up on new information concerning medical conditions and associated treatments available.

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