Five Top Things To Do for a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle makes for a long, happy life.

by Deric D’Agostino, DC

Think about it. Our bodies can last up to a hundred years or more, but if our current lifestyles consist of a lot of stress, bad diet, sitting down, and slouching, the last 50 years of our lives could be spent in and out of hospitals accumulating health care debt, or we won’t experience the last 50 years at all.

So here are my top five things humans can do to stay healthy and thrive:

1. Eat a plant based diet. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans and berries. It’s like arming your immune system with tanks, fighter jets, and warships. Countless research shows the importance of plant based diets. A good starting point to understand the importance of a plant based diet is: Eat your plants!

5 Top Healthy Lifestyle - Plant Diet 2. Stay hydrated. Not only are we an undernourished and overweight society, we are also a chronically dehydrated one as well. The human body consists of somewhere between 10 and 100 trillion cells. Each cell gives off “waist” and if we don’t clear that “waist” then we become polluted on the inside. Half your weight in ounces is a good goal. Drink your water!

5 Top Healthy Lifestyle - Stay Hydrated 3. Exercise. Movement is the key to life. On a molecular level everything is moving. That desk that that you are typing on feels hard but if we look at it on a molecular level you would see that is very much in motion. We need to move, whether its walking to the stop sign and back, plowing the field or full on sprints, our bodies are meant to move. Move your body!

5 Top Healthy Lifestyle - Exercise 4. De-stress. We all have stress. The key is to respond, not to react. Most people react and the stress levels increase accordingly. If we can calm ourselves by taking a second and thinking things through; or just calming ourselves with meditation for 5-30 minutes per day our lives would be in much better position. In this modern age we are constantly bombarded by everything all day long. Quiet your head!

5 Top Healthy Lifestyle - Meditation 5. Correct your posture. We are marvelously built beings. The design of the human body is really incredible. It is meant to have its ear hole over the shoulder and shoulder over the hips and hips over the feet. WE ARE NOT designed to slouch and sit all day. We can, but WE WILL pay the price with pain and disease. Stand up straight!

5 Top Healthy Lifestyle - Correct Posture


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Dr. Deric D'Agostino

Author: Dr. Deric D'Agostino

Deric D’Agostino, D.C. specializes in Koren Specific Technique and in the treatment of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. He is a master of his craft and firmly believes that chiropractic treatment can not only help the body but also the mind. His sense of humor and the personal attention that he provides really puts patients at ease.

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