Look to the Spine!

With all things considered, all we are is a brain and spinal cord

by Deric D’Agostino, D.C.

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.” – Hippocrates


Yep, the same Hippocrates that MD’s worldwide take “the oath”  the Hippocratic oath……the original father of modern medicine, the Grand Poobah of health.  Even he said look to the spine.  Why would he say such a thing?  Well, he was kind of a smart Greek guy.    But for today we’ll start with the human frame.  Try and imagine that with all things considered, all we are is a brain and spinal cord……  THAT’S IT!!!

We need a body or chassis, though, to perform our activities of daily living; to reproduce, to feed the brain the essentials to keep it alive and thriving.    WE ARE A DESIGN.  A design whose infrastructure is engineered in such a way that allows us to move, jump, sit, to lift weight, AND oh by the way, carry every cell, tissue, and organ necessary inside of us that we’ll need for this journey called life.

From the side view, the spine should have three curves—one in the neck, mid back, and low back.  From the front, it should be a straight line from the neck to the pelvis.  Our hips should be even.   When our body (chassis) breaks down it will impede the flow of our brain to communicate properly and can possible lead to…disease OR at the very least DIS–EASE, which then will lead to disease. Unfortunately, most Americans take care of their structure as well as people in the Middle Ages took care of their teeth.

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Dr. Deric D'Agostino

Author: Dr. Deric D'Agostino

Deric D’Agostino, D.C. specializes in Koren Specific Technique and in the treatment of injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. He is a master of his craft and firmly believes that chiropractic treatment can not only help the body but also the mind. His sense of humor and the personal attention that he provides really puts patients at ease.

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