No Health Insurance? Here Are Your Options!

If you have no health insurance, you are not alone.

by Cecilia Langlois

Yes, it is that time of the year when we have to worry about our health insurance.  Were you planning to stay with your current health insurance plan? Have you visited and chosen your options yet? Or you have no health insurance and are you planning to get one—finally? Or, wait a minute, you have no health insurance and are not planning to have one at all!

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Plant-based Diet: Key to Health

One of my five keys to health is probably the biggest key—DIET; more specifically, plant-based diet! Whatever we do on a consistent basis is what we will become.

by Deric D’Agostino, D.C.

So we eat 3-4 times per day everyday, there’s a lot of consistency in that. Are we consistently eating the SAD (Standard American diet) disease-promoting diet, or are we pumping massive quantities of nutrition in us?

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Long Term Impact of Auto Accidents

Injuries resulting from auto accidents (also referred to as Motor Vehicle Accident or MVA) can leave long-term effects on the victims, with symptoms that can prolong for long periods of time or even for a lifetime.

by Luz Senan, D.C.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012 Crash Injuries totaled approximately $18 billion in lifetime medical costs and over 75% of costs occurred during the first 18 months following the Injuries. Also there was a total of $33 billion in lifetime work lost.

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Neck Pain and Its Treatment

Many types of neck pain are caused by sudden trauma like muscle strains and sprains that often heal quickly.

Neck pain treatment begins with conservative line of care in the form of pain medications, trigger point / tender spot injections, heat/ice modalities, chiropractic, physical therapy / muscle conditioning and therapeutic manual therapy.

by Sanjay Trivedi, MD
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What to Do in this Time of Irma

One can never be fully prepared for a natural disaster.  But here are a few quick to-do’s to mitigate the impact of a natural catastrophe such as IRMA.

by Cecilia Langlois

Just remember, the basic rule in times of disaster is to KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE. As the oft-repeated line goes: “Things can be replaced, but not your loved ones.”

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Five Top Things To Do for a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle makes for a long, happy life.

by Deric D’Agostino, DC

Think about it. Our bodies can last up to a hundred years or more, but if our current lifestyles consist of a lot of stress, bad diet, sitting down, and slouching, the last 50 years of our lives could be spent in and out of hospitals accumulating health care debt, or we won’t experience the last 50 years at all.

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