Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

We are the first line of defense and prevention especially when it comes to lower back pain, a very common condition.

by Long Van, D.C.

For a long time as a practitioner, I have realized that we do not take care of our health. We have come to depend on others to take care of our conditions for us, not realizing that we are the source of what is going on. We need to understand that we own our body, and it’s with us 24/7. We need to take charge of our bodies, especially when it comes to lower back pain, a growing sickness trend in America.

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What to Expect on Your First Chiropractic Visit

There is no need to be nervous about your first chiropractic visit.  If anything, the chiropractor helps you relax and “sets things straight” for you.

by Kristy Donnelly, D.C.

Many of our patients have not been to a chiropractor before coming to one of our offices.  Some of them are nervous because of stories they may have heard in the past.  Many people say they are afraid to “get their neck cracked.”  Then they are surprised about how their first visit proceeds.

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How Body Frame and Posture Affects Our Health and Well-being

It’s interesting how our frame and posture affects our overall health and well-being.

by Deric D’Agostino, D.C.

Forward head posture pulls down on the spinal cord that is attached to our brain stem and brain which then pulls on the very thing we are, a brain and spinal cord. This can lead to high blood pressure, cloudy thinking, pain, and as the American Medical Association  stated, a decrease in life span.

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Neuropathic Pain, Inflammation , and Treatment

by Sanjay Trivedi, M.D.

The term “neuropathic pain” is most often reserved for patients who have had the chronic pain for at least three months; pain characterized by sharp, knife-like, electric, jolting, burning, shooting and tingling sensations.

In reality, these sensations are reported by patients who have experienced tissue injury, as with acute herniated disc or severance of a peripheral nerve in an injury or accident.

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Understanding Acute and Chronic Pain with Your Chiropractor

Pain is a defense mechanism that your body use to protect itself.  It is also a warning sign that something is wrong with your body.

by Dr. Long Van

Pain defined

Pain is a sensory symptom of tissue damage or disorder that can either be acute or chronic. Researchers have learned a great deal about pain and its physiological and psychological basis, leading to pain management treatments that can provide complete or partial pain relief.

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Achieving Absolute Pain Relief! Your Questions Answered.

As your partner in your personal goal of an active pain-free lifestyle, Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians will see you through.

Are you suffering from back pain? Neck pain? Headaches? Have you recently been in an auto accident and are now feeling aches in your body? Or are you an athlete experiencing joint pain or stiffness? The good news is all of these are treatable, and with a tailored treatment plan you can definitely find absolute pain relief!

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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability, with an annual prevalence rate exceeding 30%.

by Luz Senan, D.C.

Most episodes of acute neck pain will resolve with or without treatment, but nearly 50% of individuals will continue to experience some degree of pain or frequent occurrences.1 Chiropractic care is a non-invasive treatment option that may help reduce your neck pain and other symptoms associated with it, such as:

  • Cervicogenenic Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Pain and/or numbness and tingling in the arms

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Myofascial Pain (Muscular) Explained

Millions of Americans suffer from myofascial pain.

by Sanjay Trivedi, M.D.

Studies show that many back pains, neck pains, headaches, shoulder pains, arm pains, postural pains, etc. are caused by injured fascia—a connective tissue that covers our muscles. The areas where this injury is, are called Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs), and are located within taut bands of skeletal muscle fibers. They are thus called because they cause pain not only to the specific location, but also to other parts of the body, when touched or pressed even lightly.

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Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniation?

Studies show that chiropractic care helps with degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, and similar illnesses.

by Kristy Donnelly, D.C.

You may have heard the terms degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, disc protrusion, slipped disc and ruptured disc before.  Not many people realize that they all refer to the same thing: a derangement of the intervertebral disc.  Pain caused by a cervical or lumbar disc injury is a common reason for many people to seek chiropractic care; however it is also a common reason for people to think that chiropractic treatment is dangerous for them.  So what does the research say?

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