by Deric D’Agostino, D.C.

I started doing some fasting when I started the keto diet. It was pretty interesting. We all fast anyway—from when you eat dinner at night, you end up breaking the fast when you eat breakfast. That’s where the word breakfast came from—to break the nightly fast. Usually most of us fast for about 12 hours while we sleep.

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Trying Out Calisthenics

by Dr. Deric D’Agostino

Calisthenics was something I did back in elementary or high school as part of P.E.. But it was just that—a school thing. It was promptly forgotten as soon as I got out of P.E. classes. Flash forward 40 years later, I rediscover calisthenics and boy, my whole body is thrilled.

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Balance & Dizziness

Many people seek chiropractic care for low back, mid-back, neck pain, and pain in the extremities, but what about balance and/or dizziness, as they often go together? Can chiropractic management help people suffering from frequent falls due to balance and/or dizziness problems? Let’s take a look!

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