Auto Injury

Auto Injury

auto injuryAuto Accident Injury: What you don’t know 

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced world, auto accidents happen.  We all hope that this does not happen to us but we know that this is a risk we all take on a daily basis by driving. What we do not all know is that upon impact, within 1/8th of a second the human body will be thrust forwards, backwards, side to side with an incredible amount of force.  Soft tissues are instantly ripped and stretched, joints will lock up and commonly results in disk injury.  The body is a healing machine and starts the process of building scar tissue to fill in the injured soft tissue.  Scar tissue is very strong and can be very sensitive.  Many times when there is an infection the body will attempt to wall of the infection with scar tissue.  If left without treatment scar tissue can cause chronic pain in the body. The pain many people feel years after an accident can be attributed to the scar tissue that has accumulated over time from the original injury. 

auto injuryMany times the person will hit their head or body on the steering wheel, door, air bag and or dashboard causing severe bruising to the soft tissue or even to the bones.  There is even a condition, called fat necrosis, when people hit so hard that it causes their fat cells begin to die off.  The area around the cells becomes white and very hard, many times seen in the breast tissue or neck area where the seat belt clamps down on the body.  

Following an accident, all joints in the body, including the hip, knee, or shoulder can and will lock up due to the tremendous amount of force placed on the body.  When the person suffering from joint lock attempts to walk, bend or move, the body moves but the joint does not, thus causing a variety of symptoms, pain being one of them.  The human body was not made to absorb the severe forces a motor vehicle accident can place on it.  Our ancestors could expect forces similar to an auto accident when falling off a cliff or being run over by a charging animal.  

At Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians, we have doctors with the knowledge and equipment to help counteract the injuries associated with a motor vehicle accident.  In the case that you may need more invasive or an additional specialist we refer to the appropriate trusted doctors when needed.

None of this is meant to scare you, but more to educate you on the potential injuries and extent of said injuries, additionally the repercussions involved of not properly treating the injuries sustained that you could be ignoring following a motor vehicle accident.

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