At Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians we tap into the body’s natural healing process. By utilizing chiropractic care we help with the body’s structure by aligning the joints to ease tension on the nervous system. The spinal column is a structure that protects the nervous system and when faults occur in the spinal column it can create various health issues. The therapies we provide help relax and strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments that hold the spinal column together. It also helps discourage the formation of scar tissue that has a tendency to form in neglected muscles. Regular chiropractic adjustments are a great way to maintain wellness and a healthy body. Additionally, our doctors are trained to explain and review healthy diets and exercises as well as meditative techniques that can be used to help your body thrive.

Wellness is the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. So how do we as Americans create real wellness? We start with the basics: Diet, exercise, mind set, hydration and a sound body structure.

Diet: Research proves that a plant based diet is the healthiest because it provides massive quantities of nutrition and phytochemicals to our trillions of cells. A healthy diet significantly increases our daily energy and also helps protect us from everything from disease to depression.

Exercise: Humans are meant to move. Unfortunately, we have become a sedentary society because of lifestyle patterns like working 8-12 hour days sitting at a desk. Health is found in movement.

Mind set: With all the stress in today’s society whether it be politics, home/ work life, divorce our bodies go into a flight or fight response. What is meant to last for minutes is now lasting for hours, days, weeks and even years. Stress is like a heat to an engine, it kills it.  We should quiet our minds daily. We have thousands of thoughts per day and usually they are the same thoughts over and over. How will I pay this bill?  Why does my boss hate me? Etc….. Meditation is a proven strategy for quieting your mind. Although it may seem impossible at first, like any muscle, the more you do it the better and stronger you become.

Hydration: Our trillions of cells are all giving off waste. If we are not clearing the waste out of our system we become like a stagnant pond. The bugs, rats and disease comes, the life inside the pond suffers greatly. When we stay chronically hydrated it is like a clean river flowing through us. It clears the waste out of our system. Imagine New York City having 5 garbage trucks to clear the entire city; the garbage would pile up, bugs rats and disease would spread, traffic and the city would be shut down. When we stay chronically hydrated it’s like NYC having 10,0000 garbage trucks, the waste is cleared, the city is clean and it thrives.

Structure: Humans are designed to be in a certain posture whether we are sitting or standing. Our muscles are specifically engineered to hold us in that proper position. Unfortunately because we put so little energy into keeping our muscles strong and continually sitting and standing poorly we open ourselves up for pain and disease. The first thing one can do to help themselves is be mindful of their posture. Ear hole should line up over their shoulder, their shoulder should line up over their hip and their hips over their feet. It probably will feel uncomfortable in the beginning stages because for years people have molded their structure wrong. This is where routine chiropractic treatments come in to play and can be the most beneficial.

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