I am not used to seeing a doctor this frequently but Dr. Trivedi as well as his staff have taken care of me very well. I've had several proceedures and I was scared of them, I detest needles. But Dr. Trivedi is extremely careful and gentle. Most of my shots were like mosquito bites, I would recommend him to anyone!


My problem: As a professional wrestler I've developed everything from spinal pain & misalignment, several shoulder separations, & several knee sprains over the years. I lost a lot of my strength, range of motion, and my athletic abilities were deteriorating. My sport demands that I can be in top physical condition, so I sought the help of Dr D.

My Results: My range of motion has greatly increased, my strength has returned, my energy levels are up, and most importantly I am 95% pain free. It isn't an exaggeration to say that Dr D's treatments have added years to my career. My body feels better than it has in years and my performances show it.


I have had neck, shoulder, and low back pain for a few years now. Each time I come Dr. D is very professional, friendly, and addresses all my problems. I drive all the way from the west side of town, just to see only Dr. D


I was unable to keep food down for 2 months without throwing up or getting sick. Results: Dr D adjusted me on 12.31.12 w the laser and that night I was able to eat a salad and did not get sick to my stomach at all. I have been able to eat for 2 days now. Thank you Dr. D.


I came in yesterday w a very active little redhead boy and Dr D worked threw his noise and straightened my spine, hips, and legs. I have not slept that good and that long and woke up pain free in years. Dr D your the one to see.


I suffered a mild stroke approximately three years ago. As a dside effect the left side of my face drops and I have a crooked smile and pucker. Hence, I have been unable to whistle. With just one treatment from Doctor D'Agostino, I have been able to whistle, not like before the stroke but I feel like it is coming back and the improvement is amazing.


While receiving treatments from Dr D I mentioned to him about cold and flu like symptoms that I was experiencing. He performed a light exercise on me that same day. Results: I rested the rest of the day but by the next morning I had noticeable positive results. The day after that I was back to my old self.


To whom may it concern. I had headaches and neck pains. Results: My head no longer hurts, my neck is better then ever, and each visit it gets better.


Headaches from an auto accident that happened in Aug. 2012. Results: After being seen by Dr D two weeks my headaches are gone. The headaches never went away they were constant until two weeks after coming here, which means I had a constant headache for two straight months.


The physicians and staff are extreme friendly and genuine in concern andcare for the patient's well-being and recovery.

Jessica B.

Dr. Sanjay Trivedi is a very good pain doctor. He helped me with the pain I was having, I would recommend him to anyone having pain.

Robert L

Every time I go visit my friends in Florida, I always make sure I stop by to get my adjustments and massage. Great doctors and staff! Highly recommend! :)

R H.

Dr. D'Agostino has a passion for his clients wellness and I felt his genuine interest and concern from the very first meeting. Highly recommend his office, the staff is courteous and professional and make you feel very comfortable.

Sarah Harrett

Absolute Injury & Physicians is absolutely the best clinic I've been treated at. All members of the team are professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. They always call you to remind you of your appointment, and provide information when you need it. I can see they love what they do and they're good at it. The best part is my neck and back feel the best it has in 10 years. I highly recommend Absolute Injury & Physicians.

Frank Mendoza

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